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MuLMO news

Version 1.8.9-5 has just been released! (6 June 2004) Click here to download it! This version has been successfully run on Linux, FreeBSD, and Windows 2k. This version includes support for MouseWheel scrolling, saved auto-responses and a universal configuration file.

This is MuLMO 1.8.9 as seen on a FreeBSD 4.10 machine running XFree86 and KDE.

It was started by simply typing mulmo at the command prompt. That resulted in the host selection window:

Then one of the username/host/service triplets was selected:


mulmo [-host hostname] [-port portnum] [-name character] [-config config_file] [-height lines] [-width rows] [-bg color] [-fg color] [-fn fontname] [-timer seconds] [-[no]qtimer]


MuLMO is a client written primarily to interface with the timeless and ever-popular Internet culture that is AberMUD, although it should be able to interface equally well with other similar societies. It uses the Tk modules for Perl (also known as ``PerlTk'' -- see www.perltk.org for more information) to produce a native-look GUI interface.


MuLMO features repeat timed events, automatic reactions to output from the MUD, the ability to automatically log-in a persona, and a navigatible command history. The command history is navigated via Control-p and Control-n, and, thus, provides immediate familiarity for users of bash, tcsh, and Emacs.


MuLMO recognizes the following command-line arguments:

-host hostname
The address of the machine on which the server is running. This defaults to ``localhost.''
-port portnum
The port number upon which the server is running. This defaults to ``6715.''
-config config_file
The name of the file containing user:host:port configuration information. This defaults to $HOME/.mulmorc.
-height rows
The number of rows in the output window. This defaults to 24.
-width columns
The number of columns in the output window. This defaults to 80.
-bg color
The color for the window background. This defaults to a color in the author's eyes.
-fg color
The color for the window foreground. This defaults to another color in the author's eyes.
-timer seconds
The number of seconds to wait before performing a timed action. This defaults to 600.

Configuration File Format

The configuration file changed after the release of MuLMo version 1.0. Previously, configuration was limitted to multiple files containing a username:password pair for a specific host and port (which was specified on the command line. The new format is an XML formatted file containing information for limitless number of user:host:port triplets. This file supports the following tags:

  • mud
    • char
    • host
    • port
  • password
  • foreground
  • background
  • font
  • height
  • width
  • timervalue
  • timeraction
  • autoresp
    • trigger
    • action
  • shortcut
    • key
    • binding
Clicking the "Save Setup" button on the main window will build the appropriate initial skeleton.


The most recent version of MuLMO can always be retrieved at MuLMO. MuLMO for Windows can be retrieved at MuLMO Windows.


MuLMO requires the Perl Tk, Tk::ROTextANSIColor, Term::ANSIColor, XML::Simple, and XML::Writer modules. All of these can be found at www.cpan.org.